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12 Best Whittling Kits For Beginners & Hobbyists In 2020

12 Best Whittling Kits For Beginners & Hobbyists In 2020

Feel the blade sliding through the grain and you’ll start relaxing over how darn meditative whittling is. That’s the approach you have when straightaway rough cutting. Your goal is to create a rough shape of the object your whittling.

whittling guide

Choose a soft wood that’s easy to cut and a knife that feels comfortable in your hands. Get a pair of gloves or a thumb guard for some extra security while you’re learning the different cuts and be conservative in your movements. Over time, you’ll build up the confidence you need to try out new techniques and make more elaborate designs. A simple and sturdy tool, this folding pocket knife is a classic option for whittling and every day carry. The Opinel carbon steel is extremely hard and durable, which means it cuts well, resists wear, and is easy to sharpen. Plus, all Opinel knives are made with their signature Virobloc safety ring to fix the knife open while you’re whittling.

Complete Starter Guide To Whittling Specifications:

Whittling too quickly can easily cause a knife slip to occur and at a high speed. Plus, if you whittle too quickly you can mess up your potential design before you really even get started. Thus, we recommend starting slowly and continuing to whittle slowly throughout the process. A widely available wood, pine is great for the beginning whittler. Plus, if you’re using a piece of fresh pine that you found on the ground, you’ll have to frequently clean sticky sap off of your knife.

Push Cut

If you want your whittling experience to be pleasurable and relaxing, keep your knife sharp. The first time I tried my hand at whittling, I noticed that the wood was getting harder and harder to cut. I figured it must have been the wood, so I just soldiered on, applying more and more pressure with the knife.

A few quick swipes of your knife blade held at about a 45-degree angle on each side is all it takes to sharpen a knife. The sharpening process can seem incredibly challenging, but the mystique of it all minimizes after a bit of practice. DOestablish a blood circle – no, this isn’t some little know cult portion of whittling. This term comes from the Boy Scouts and is a way to establish a safety zone around your work area. Whether you’re inside or outside make sure there’s no pets or small children close by.

Don’t be tempted to cut too deeply, just gradually remove the wood you don’t want. Some whittlers prefer a more ergonomic handle like the Opinel, but the oiled Birchwood handle of Mora knives feels wonderfully at home in your palm. The finish is smooth but provides plenty of grip and control when tackling big rough cuts as well as more detailed work. A super simple pocket knife, the Sentinel offers a slim and lightweight design with one lockable blade. Or you could just sort of wing it and make up your own pattern.

It’s usually recommended to Strop your knife before and after projects. The nice thing about whittling wood is that it can be done anywhere. The idyllic vision of whittling wood has you sitting on the back porch while the sun goes down, chatting with a friend or a child. Also, many communities have groups of whittlers that meet, hang out and carve.

With a little guidance the ancient art of carving wood with a knife doesn’t need to turn into a first aid emergency. Keith Randich, author of Old Time Whittling, suggests beginners whittle an egg as their first project. But a simple project like http://kotl.drunkmonkey.com.ua/spirit-bear-wooden-jigsaw-puzzle-bright-gift-for/ an egg is a good way to introduce beginning whittlers to the law of wood grains. Use this cut at the very beginning of your project to carve your project’s general shape. Hold the wood in your left hand and your knife firmly in your right.

To simplify, you’re using your knife hand to control the blade while your other hand supplies the pressure for the cut. The thumb push cut is key to little changes made to a project when only a smidge needs to be shaved off here and there. Thumb Brace Cut – The blade of the knife will face your body while your thumb on the same hand will be directly opposite of the edge of the blade. In this manner you’ll pull the knife towards your thumb, much like when hold a piece of fruit and cutting or peeling it.

Your new love for whittling may result in new Christmas ornaments you can display around the home or give to friends. Plus, you can enjoy the rest and peace of mind that comes from a rewarding new hobby. You’ll be surprised about the things you can whittle out of wood. When you’ve gotten the shape of your bird how you want it, use push strokes to taper off the branch a bit so your bird has a whittled twig to perch on. Leave the rest of the branch natural or break it off and taper the end clean. Next, use delicate pull-strokes to whittle out the little beak and head.

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